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About Shop Well with You

Shop Well with You (SWY) is a not-for-profit organization and
body-image resource for women surviving cancer, their caregivers and healthcare providers. Through its website, SWY focuses on helping women improve their self-image and quality of life.

SWY understands that some women's bodies visibly change as they undergo cancer treatments. For other women, the effects of cancer may not be outwardly noticeable. Whether or not a change is obvious and no matter when she was diagnosed, the experience can alter a woman's body-image, or how she perceives her own appearance.

While having cancer makes some women want to reinvent themselves, others may want to return to the way things were before their diagnosis. One thing is certain: maintaining a positive body-image is an important part of the healing process. What you wear on the outside can impact how you feel on the inside. With that in mind, SWY helps each woman move beyond being identified primarily by her cancer to being recognized by her other attributes -- a mother, friend, wife, sister, daughter, mentor, artist, advocate, and so on.

On SWY's website, you can find:

  • Customized clothing tips arranged by cancer-related treatments and side-effects,
  • A directory of cancer-specific products such as swimsuits and head coverings as well as where these items can be located,
  • Guidance on how to use clothing and accessories to maintain a positive body-image during and after treatment, and
  • Articles and books focused on body-image, clothing, cancer, and wellness.