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March 2008
Featured Products: Wear Ease
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Skin Tone
Related Resource: Cancer Vixen: A True Story

January 2008
Featured Products: My Shape
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Body-Image Tip
Related Resource: Cancer Care

September 2007
Featured Products: Breezes Swimwear - Mastectomy Bikinis
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Natural Fabrics
Related Resource: Young Survival Coalition - Resource Link Guide Book

May 2007
Featured Products: Lymphedema Products
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Dolman and Raglan Sleeves
Related Resource: No Less a Woman

March 2007
Featured Products: Sleepwear
SWY Tips and Suggestions: How to Deal with Rapid Temperature Changes
Related Resource: Facing the Mirror with Cancer

February 2007
Featured Products: Intimate Moments
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Tips for Abdomen Sensitivity
Related Resource: Don't Die of Embarrassment by Barbara Barrie

January 2007
Featured Products: Post Surgical Camisoles
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Encouraging Body-Image Tips
Related Resource:

November 2006
Featured Products: Cancer-Specific Skincare Lines
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Natural Fabric Tips
Related Resource: Moisturizing Matters

October 2006
Featured Products: Breast Inserts/Enhancers Following Surgery
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Clothing Tips to Reduce Uneveness
Related Resource: Look Good...Feel Better

September 2006
Featured Products: Headcoverings for Hot Weather
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Color Me Beautiful
Related Resource: Headstrong

August 2006
Featured Products: Swimming After Surgery
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Skirts - a great summer alternative to pants or shorts
Related Resource: Look Good at the Beach

July 2006
Featured Products: Protect Yourself from the Sun!
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Keeping cool while staying covered
Related Resource: Lance Armstrong Foundation

June 2006
Featured Products: Post-Mastectomy Excercise Gear
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Weight Changes—Gain or Loss
Related Resource: Journal - A Mother and Daughter's Recovery from Breast Cancer
By Lynn Redgrave and Annabel Clark

May 2006
Featured Products: Recover in Style!
SWY Tips and Suggestions: Dressing with Limited Mobility
Related Resource: Beauty Therapy: The ultimate guide to looking and feeling great while living with cancer. By Ramy Gafni

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