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Shop Well with You (SWY) is a not-for-profit organization and body-image resource for women surviving cancer, their caregivers and healthcare providers. Through its website, SWY focuses on helping women improve their self-image and quality of life.

On SWY's website, you can find:

  • Customized clothing tips arranged by cancer-related treatments and side-effects
  • A directory of cancer-specific products such as swimsuits and head coverings as well as where these items can be located
  • Guidance on how to use clothing and accessories to maintain a positive body-image during and after treatment, and
  • Articles and books focused on body-image, clothing, cancer, and wellness.
We hope that you will visit our website,, to see the helpful resources that Shop Well with You has to offer!

Phone: (212) 226-0466
Mail: Shop Well with You
P.O. Box 1270
New York, NY 10009